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Do Heroes Still Exist ?

Fearless heroes Winnetou, Superman, Indiana Jones … The list of heroes of our childhood could go on and on. By now, we’ve realized they belong in the realm of fairy tales and fantasy. However, didn’t we all want to be like them? Didn’t we want to experience an adventure where our courage would be demonstrated?




Team performance


BUTTING Academy has been working for several years now together with the EDEN team and within different customer projects and it is always an asset. The combination of high technical expertise, practice-proven experience-oriented learning methods, and a noticeably appreciative attitude towards the individual, guarantees us and our participants a top service. A trusting relationship on equal footing developed over the years is, in my view, the best basis for a partner-like cooperation.

Tanja Dreyer, Manager of Customer Service and Event Management, BUTTING Academy Burg Knesebeck GmbH & Co. KG


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