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Do Heroes Still Exist ?

Fearless heroes Winnetou, Superman, Indiana Jones … The list of heroes of our childhood could go on and on. By now, we’ve realized they belong in the realm of fairy tales and fantasy. However, didn’t we all want to be like them? Didn’t we want to experience an adventure where our courage would be demonstrated?




Team performance


The executive development has not only brought a lot of joy and insight, it granted a high level of everyday transfer. The seminar leader, Mr. Reeh, was very authentic and able to generate a sincere openness in the whole team. The learning and experience concepts were designed to be directly related to the professional life; that produced a lasting effect and great practical benefits. Almost by themselves, learning tandems emerged after the intervention among the executive. The feedback culture developed very well and we experienced a very positive development in cooperation.

Thomas Schneider, DekaBank, Manager of Business Area Control and Development, Frankfurt


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